Must have OST Recovery tool at $49

If like majority of households, you have a family full of professionals, this article might be helpful for you. Every professional needs a data handling and converter tool for every standard email format, given the importance and central space they have occupied in every professional’s life.

But, since the constant juggling from one email client to another never stops, it seems like a waste of money to get conversion tools for them every time you want to start with a new email client. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get a highly professional tool which deals with one format, and which comes with a license specially meant for a household full of professionals. Why spend so much more on the individual license when you can get a huge discount on household license, and every member of your family is happy with it.

OST Recovery Tool

This article is about dealing the most prominent email client format – OST. OST is the source of many office-goers problems and happiness. It has made email circulation very easy since it stores mail content offline but dangers are aplenty. There comes a time when we lose it or it gets corrupt. Since, OST is the mostly used format by professionals, this article gains more importance.

I suggest the simple method of OST recovery and conversion – OST Extractor Pro.

ost recovery


OST Extractor Pro is highly professional ost to pst converter tool by USL software. The company has made many cutting edge and wonderful email conversion tools. You can definitely check their other tools if you are interested in dealing with any other email format. In this article we will stick to OST Extractor Pro because we will deal only with OST here.

OST Extractor Pro has a highly interactive and friendly User interface. In just a matter of clicks, this tool allows for a smooth, yet high speed OST recovery and conversion. First, OST is recovered and extracted from every possible source imaginable. Yes, OST Extractor Pro might be the only tool which does not discriminate between the sources of OST files. Then after successful recovery, it gives the user multiple options for output like PST, EML, and MBOX.  One can choose any output format and be completely assured that one’s OST files will be converted to that format easily and safely. OST Extractor Pro completes the process by preserving the folder hierarchy and adds final touches to the whole process. This is how easy OST recovery and conversion process is with OST Extractor Pro.

ost recovery and conversion

The best part of the whole deal is that OST Extractor Pro can be tried before actually purchasing the tool. Yes, the tool has a free trial version which allows customers to dive deeper into its functioning without emptying their pockets.

And, if the tool impresses them, which it does mostly, then, they can opt for a suitable license. To your delight, OST Extractor Pro not only has everything a professional dealing with OST files need, but also a Individual license which at $49 costs only, and yet comes with so many features.

Get OST Recovery Tool

Do not wait for your OST files to get lost or corrupt. Get OST Extractor Pro, and handle your OST files like a true professional.

Get it at

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