2 features that allow you to export OST to MBOX flawlessly!

Data migration is not a process that anybody enjoys. Moving your data from one format to another is not only a lot of work in itself but the risk involved makes you question it. Sadly, whether you like it or not, it is the most direct and best way to export your data from one format to another. This article focuses on how to export OST to MBOX. If you are also struggling with the same, then there is no better place you can be.

Why you have to export OST to MBOX?

The most asked question, Why? Why you have to export OST to MBOX? Well, for starters, it is the only way to access the data stored in OST files outside the parent account.

OST files are data files that have been used Outlook for purpose of data storage. Every time a new user creates an account, or you download your data in your application, OST files go to work. They are the files that are responsible for syncing up the stored data on to the server when the connection is back up. They are not your personal data files; therefore, they cannot be directly imported. This makes the data stored in them inaccessible.

So to transfer the data to any other email client you need to convert it into a different format. MBOX is one such format. The format is fairly popular amongst email clients working on MacOS based system. It is easy to use and highly compatible with other clients. So, whenever you need to move your Outlook data to a MacOS based system, you need to export OST to MBOX.

The right way to export OST to MBOX

How you try to export OST to MBOX also plays a very important role in your conversion process. The recommended way of exporting your data is with the help of a third-party converter tool.

OST Extractor Pro from USL Software takes the top spot amongst third-party Microsoft OST to PST / MBOX converter tools. This utility software from the leaders in the business exceeds the expectations that most people have from it. Not only the tool converts your data flawlessly but also provides you a lot more than you paid for.

The tool is not only able to convert OST to MBOX, but also converts OST to PST, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

export ost to mbox

The features that the tool offers you include:

#1 Handles Large Files easily:

Due to the increasing use of emails the size of data files associated with them has also increased drastically. These large sized files have been causing problems for substandard conversion solution. This converter tool solves this problem for you. The tool converts large sized OST files easily with the help of its modern algorithms. The tool converts everything down to the last bit irrespective of complexity and size of the data. Thus, giving you a complete conversion process.

#2 No degree required to operate:

The Interface makes the tool makes the entire process a cakewalk. The interface of the tool is designed to allow all kinds of users to easily export OST to MBOX. It only shows what is necessary for the conversion process. Plus, with a detailed and infographic wizard, the tool helps you at every step of the conversion process.

ost to mbox

Get your OST to MBOX converter free trial copy today and try it all.

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