EML to PST Transfer is as good as your converter tool!

transfer eml to pst

EML to PST Transfers can be a very tricky and unrewarding process. It not only puts your data under stress during the entire process but also doesn’t guarantee a successful transfer of data. Therefore, you never know the result of a process you are putting your data at risk for.

To ensure that your data remains safe and you have a successful conversion process every time, you need to take control of the process in your hand. Or rather give it in the hands of the conversion solution you are going to use to convert your data.  This article talks about which conversion solution will be the best for your conversion process and how it is different from other conversion solutions.

The Conversion Solution Suitable for all kinds of EML to PST Transfer

When it comes to carrying out a successful EML to PST transfer, you can only rely on your conversion solution. Conversion solutions can be simply defined as the approach you have towards converting your data. So, everything ranging from manual methods of conversion to third-party converter tools, everything comes under conversion solution.

Sadly, manual methods of email conversions fail to produce the results with the modern-day email databases. This means that your conversion process remains incomplete, filled with errors and bugs. So, it is a big no to manual methods of conversion.

Third-party converter tools on the other hand are the preferred means of conversion. These small software applications are equipped with enough technical support that they can easily deal with modern day databases and their problems. They make your EML to PST transfer much more secure and accurate.

Mail Extractor Pro: The Converter Tool Suitable for your EML to PST Transfer

Third-party converter tools may be the preferred means of communication but not every one of them is designed like that. Out of so many converter tools present in the market, there is only one that transforms your EML to PST transfer for good.

eml to pst transfer

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is that converter tool. It can convert EML, MBOX, Apple Mail, Postbox and Thunderbird to PST. The tool has everything that you need for a perfect transfer process. With years of research and development backing it up, the features of the tool help you deal with all kinds of conversion problems. These features are:

Ignoring Empty Folders:

The tool is very smart in its working. It can be seen in its ability to ignore the empty folders during the conversion process. This makes sure only the required and important information is converted. It also speeds up the conversion process and makes it much more efficient.

Retaining the Folder Structure:

The tool helps you retain the folder structure of the input files. This means that the output files produced have a similar structure to the input files. Therefore, you get a very similar environment to work with post your EML to PST Transfer.

Clean Interface:

The interface of the tool is very clean and to the point. This means that you don’t have to struggle with how to use the tool. It makes the tool easier to understand. It also provides you with a graphical wizard to guide you through the process. Thus, you don’t get lost with the eml to pst conversion process.

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