Cannot Open OST File In Outlook 2010?

Cannot Open OST file in Outlook 2010

If you are one of those who cannot open their OST files in Outlook 2010, then this article is for you.

What to do? If You Cannot Open OST file in Outlook 2010

Not all is well with Outlook. With recent crash of MS Exchange server, millions have been left deserted to open their OST files in Outlook by themselves. Since, Microsoft has not been helpful in providing any alternative for this purpose; people have taken the matter into their own hands.

Many professionals tried the manual method which is risky. They ended up losing their database. Manual methods are very risky because OST is a fragile format and can be easily damaged.

It only takes a professional to do this job. Therefore, it is always recommended that one try a tool for this purpose. For opening an OST file in Outlook, we know we need to convert OST files to PST format. Therefore, what we need is an OST to PST Converter tool.

Here is the tool recognized by Industry expert – “OST Extractor Pro“.

Cannot Open OST file in Outlook


The best way to convert OST files to PST format is OST Extractor Pro. Without any beating around the bush, the answer has been put before you.

OST Extractor Pro is a premium tool produced by USL software which has earned a huge reputation in email conversion tools. It can convert all your OST files for you in no time at all. It has an impeccable extraction streak. It can extract your OST files from every source, making it a true professional in this regard.

As per conversions, it can convert OST files to not just PST but also formats of other email clients. It truly understands the makeup of modern mails. Therefore, OST Extractor Pro does not miss any content of these mails. From embedded images, to nested mails, to attachments, everything is converted to PST format.

OST Extractor Pro converts these OST files at a very high speed. Its conversion rate is unmatchable and a huge convenience to customers. OST files can also be selected for conversion with the help of this tool. Plus, it also allows for pre-selection of the size of converted files.

OST Extractor Pro is very easy to use. Something which makes this tool all the more attractive. It has a simple graphical user interface which allows even laymen to perform a quick OST to PST Conversion with the help of this tool.

It can also convert bulk database. For this purpose, the tool employs batch strategy which helps it in converting a large OST database with no loss in speed or time.

Open OST file in Outlook

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version – This demo version allows users to explore the tool and see it for themselves before reaching a final conclusion.

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