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OST Extractor Pro helps you to convert OST to PST, MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF, Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird & Postbox. For more information about it, check out https://www.ostextractorpro.com.

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The Problems with the OST to PST Converter Freeware Tools!

If you are looking for an OST to PST Converter freeware tool, you should read this first.

The job of converting OST to PST files is much trickier than many foresee at first. Both files relate to Windows Outlook but couldn’t be much different, both internally and the way they handle data. OST is for offline storage and PST is more personal file for exporting, backing up, and similar other operations.

To extract data from one to another requires more than a simple baseline method to migrate information.

If you want all of your information from OST to be converted to PST, you are going to need something more than that. And sadly, a freeware tool to convert OST to PST files doesn’t offer that.

Problems With OST to PST Converter Freeware Tool

Here are some of the most common problems one can face with generic and free applications. They range from merely annoying to productivity loss to highly detrimental to one’s data integrity and safety.

Difficult to Use:

Many OST to PST converter freeware tools are not designed for beginners and basic users. But even experienced users can struggle to navigate across complicated features and steps and may end up losing their precious time. The most fundamental use of any software is to facilitate the task that otherwise would take endless time manually. And if a generic converter fails on that front, they are not of any practical use.

Lack support for large files:

The folder with OST files may amount to a huge size, commonly reaching tens of GBs in a business-related database. The freeware tools have to battle their way to efficiently handle large and multiple files at once, not only taking up more time than necessary but also making it likely for the tool to crash or freeze during conversion.

No Proper Algorithms

Rigid Algorithms for Processing Data that do not factor in the uniquely complex information inside each users’ database. These non-professional solutions are all built under the similar foundation of ineffective algorithms that fail instantly whenever they encounter a complex set of information. The modern-day email database may contain a lot of non-linear and intricate sets of data that cannot be processed by generic algorithms. Examples including double-byte text (Chinese, Japanese, etc.), cloud-based links, MIME headers, graphical elements, and more.

No Tech Support:

Tech support can make a huge difference in your experience, even if the tool you are using is almost perfect. As said above, each individual user has a unique and varying data and circumstance that makes the OST to PST conversion different for everyone. A helpful team of tech support can help you overcome some of your problems in an easy and non-intimidating manner.

There are other minor issues with any free OST to PST converter tool you can find. This is just a straightforward problem of making a versatile and adaptive solution for every one’s needs to solve a difficult task, making it harder to find it free.

It’s a not a surprise then that many experts and even basic home users who have gone through this before would recommend a professionally built converter that would help you avoid all these problems.

The Best OST to PST Converter Tool

The one that often comes up is “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software. It’s a near perfect solution for both IT professionals and home users to convert OST to PST. More than that, it also lets you convert OST to other formats such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, and EML files.

Get your free trial copy at https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

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It can be downloaded free for trial and has many different licenses available for activation, depending on how many computers you want to install it.

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If you are looking for ost to pst converter tool, then try OST Extractor Pro today.